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The apology is the first time that Belgium has recognized any responsibility for what historians say was the immense harm the country inflicted on the Central African nations, which it colonized for eight decades. Prime Minister Charles Michel offered the apology on Thursday afternoon in front of a plenary session of Parliament, which was attended by dozens of people of mixed race in the visitors gallery.

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Learn how and when to remove this template message On March 3, , the Hills first publicly discussed the UFO encounter with a group at their church. On September 7, , Captain Swett returned and gave a formal lecture on hypnosis to a meeting at the Unitarian Church.

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But I didn't care. I stood there buck naked in my kitchen and screamed my head off with my hands fisted at my sides, my feet stomping.

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" His lips pressed together, but he nodded. When I reached to undo his belt and lower his zipper, he lifted his hips.

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The more steady beat of his heart beneath my ear was calming, breaking through the pounding of my own in my head. "What are you saying?" Jolie asked, tears evident in her voice.

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Does he bring you right to the edge?" He pulled his hand away suddenly.

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